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10 fun yoga poses for kids to learn at school

10 fun yoga poses for kids to learn at school

Whenever there are talks about wellness, yoga seems to be synonymous in the discussion. While the older people are getting into yoga classes, did you know that there are many yoga poses fit for kids as well? The experts for yoga in castle Hill will tell you how you must get your children enrolled for these classes if you are looking for a holistic physical and mental development.

Why should kids get into yoga classes?

10 fun yoga poses for kids to learn at school

A survey showed that about 3% of children in the United States are regularly practicing yoga and they have an evidently better growth rate than their other classmates. More and more schools are adding the concept and practice of Yoga in their physical education program and that is not just for filling up the routine. Studies showed that yoga can help in improving endurance and aerobic capacity for the kids. Those who are looking for a better memory development, yoga again is a solution. In this extremely challenging atmosphere the kids need to keep themselves de-stressed and anxiety free. One solution for achieving serenity of mind is yoga. There are many yoga classes for kids available which teach some of the easy poses for kids which are fun and creative but also helps to master the body movements.

Benefits of yoga during the early age

Benefits of yoga during the early age

Did you know that yoga is about 5000 years old practice and is one of the oldest physical disciplines known across the world?

The following are the possible health benefits that can be found when you are enrolling your kid for yoga during their school age –

  • Improves strength and body balance
  • Reduces chances of developing any chronic pain like muscle pain
  • Improves the sleep quality
  • Reduce stress hormones life cortisone and thus forms less fatigue
  • Improves focus and helps in better academic performance
  • Brings in emotional balance as it is a non competitive activity
  • With time, it improves mood, resilience and self regulation skills

9 easy yoga poses for kids to practice

Table top pose

10 fun yoga poses for kids to learn at school

This is the starting for many kids all you have to do is rest your hands and knees and bring the knees hip width apart. The palms should be kept under the shoulder and the back should be flat and keep in this pose for 10 seconds.

Cat and cow pose

While you are in the tabletop position, round the back and tuck the chin towards your chest. This is the cat pose. For the cow pose, you need to sink the belly towards the floor and create a back arch while looking up. Alternate in these two poses which can be warm up exercises for the spinal cord.

Standing forward bend

You have to grab the ankles by bending forward from the waist. You can also bend from the knees to make it easier initially this helps to have stretchable hamstrings, hips and curves and also strengthen the knees and thighs.

Child’s pose

All you have to do is sit back on the heels and slowly make your forward head down in front of the knees. Keep the arms on the side of the body and enjoy a peaceful pose.

Easy pose

Sit with your legs crossed and rest your hands on top of your knees. Be in this pose for 10 seconds and you’ll feel the calming effect.

Warrior pose

Stand up and step one foot backwards. With the toes outwards, raise your arms parallel to the ground and bend the front knee.Keep your eyes forward, now switch legs and do the same on the other side.

Downward facing dog pose

All you have to do is mimic your pet dog! Place the palms on the ground and step back so that you create a triangle shape with your hips towards the sky and head between your arms close to the floor.

Locust pose

Lie with your belly flat on the floor and try to lift your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades. Try to extend your arms behind the body as much as possible and lift them up. This helps to improve the posture

Boat pose

Balance your hips with the legs stretched out in the air. You can bend the knees initially as this is for abs and spine structure.

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