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Making Yoga Fun for Children

Yoga Fun for Children

Children also have their own stress which often the parents or teachers fail to understand. Whether it is starting a new school or accepting the new sibling, there can be many events that add to the anxiety and stress in a kid’s mind. To help them enjoy a holistic physical and mental growth while de-stressing themselves, yoga classes for kids is one of the wisest solutions.

What is yoga?

One of the oldest forms of physical practice, yoga helps to improve body posture and learn self control. Regular yoga practice can help children learn mental relaxation and also receive the highest level of discipline. If you are wondering if childhood is the best time to get your kids enrolled for the yoga in castle hill, the following are the benefits that will not make you go for a second thought-

Muscular strength helps to support the joints and thus build good core strength which consequently helps to maintain a good posture and overall fitness. As the children will be constantly involved in different types of physical activities, it is important that we can maintain flexibility and mobility of their joints. With yoga, it is possible to retain the body postures and also add to the growth of strong bones through weight-bearing postures.

Did you know that you can help to improve the immune system through yoga?

This happens because regular disciplined practice helps to stimulate the limbic system in the body which has the white blood cells responsible to add to the immunity with reduced stress and stimulated lymph system, the kids’ body will have less infection. There are various postures for kids and once it is done under a trainer, they learn about the alignment and coordination of their body movements that help to create awareness of the body and develop a positive image on how they can look after it. Balancing the energy levels is yet another benefit of yoga because it helps to calm the nervous system that can stimulate the spinal cord structures. There are various poses of yoga that can add to a sense of relaxation. Also, there is a gradual development of their sensory awareness.

Why is yoga good for the mind?

Our kids are already exposed to a competitive environment in the academic and other curriculums. This is one such practice which is not competitive in its format, therefore even for children who do not enjoy sports, this is one engagement that they will feel encouraged to join in.

Yoga helps in maintaining the various body systems. The heart and respiratory system can stay fit because of better blood circulation and deep breathing techniques from yoga. It also helps in improving the digestive system through the various asanas and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which triggers the necessary acids in the stomach to improve the metabolism rate.

Emotional and cognitive benefits

Emotional and cognitive benefits

It is not just the physical development but yoga helps to improve the attention span and concentration. This happens because there is more oxygen circulation throughout the body and brain due to the right breathing exercises that improves learning ability and memory retention. Children also get better at dealing with their own stress and anxiety and have an improved relationship with their friends and parents. Healthy sleep pattern gives the body a relaxed approach.

How to make your children interested in yoga?

How to make your children interested in yoga?

It is not just knowing the benefits but you have to actually get them to do it. At the beginning, it might be difficult because yoga demands much discipline. So, the following techniques can be used to make them interested in this exercise-

  •         Start with the easiest yoga poses and do not make them stay in it for more than 1 minute
  •         Encourage them to do the posture in the right way and correct them so that they feel it is a challenging task
  •         Do it with the kid and demonstrate the posture
  •         Start by telling an interesting yoga story which is mentally elevating and also combine with the various yoga asanas
  •         Plan some yoga games like yoga cards or musical yoga

Having the yoga classes in groups help to improve the sense of community and also add to the fun.

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