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Yoga Practices for Strength and Resilience

Yoga Practices for Strength and Resilience

Everybody has access to a reservoir of inner strength and power. It might be simple to feel helpless during times of difficulty and challenging to find this inner strength and perseverance when things get tough. Thankfully, there are routines and practices in the Yoga cherrybrook that can support you in maintaining our composure and igniting this inner fire, allowing you to remain steadfast and grounded despite the ups and downs of life. The goal of this yoga sequence is to help you access your inner power so that you may face any challenge straight away and go forward with confidence.

  1. Kapalbhati: Pranayama is a great technique to calm the mind and promote happiness. Known as the breath of fire or kapalbhati, this breathing technique can help you overcome self-doubt and connect with your inner strength. Close your eyes and assume a comfortable posture with an erect spine. After taking several deep, grounding breaths, start exhaling quickly and sharply, pumping your belly with each breath. Start at the top of your next inhalation. Do this twenty times, pausing between each breath hold and release for five seconds. You can either go back to your regular breathing rhythm or do another round of twenty breaths.
  2. Balasana (Child’s Pose): By beginning slowly and focusing on your breath and intention, you may set the tone for your practice. Spread your knees widely on your mat and lower your torso so that your forehead rests on the mat or a support. Breathe deeply ten times. A private yoga instructor Sydney can teach all of these poses perfectly.
  3. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose): Go to all fours in tabletop pose. Lay your hands flat, shoulder-width apart, or more apart if that’s more comfortable for you. Extend your fingers widely. Place your feet hip-width apart. As you extend your hips back and forth and make an inverted “V” with your body, push your thighs back. Bend your knees if you experience back pain or tense hamstrings. Focus your gaze on the space between your feet. Count to ten or so breaths.
  4. Uttanasana, variation (Standing Forward Bend): Step out of Mountain Pose and place your feet hip-width apart. Hinged at the hips, fold forward, and grasp elbows on either side. Head back and relax. Put your hips on top of your ankles. As much as necessary, bend your knees. Count to ten or so breaths.
  5. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose): Approximately one foot in front of your right foot, place your right hand on the ground or a yoga block. Place your thumb and baby toe in line. Grasp the ground with your standing leg. As you raise your left leg, maintain an aggressive gait with both feet. Allow your chest and hips to open to the left. Focus your gaze on your upper hand, the wall, or the floor. Count to ten or so breaths. To get out of the posture, go back where you were.
  6. Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch): Place your yoga mat in the middle and stand in Tadasana. Step into a wide standing straddle, or just place your feet there. Place your feet around three feet apart. Point your right toes in the direction of the yoga mat’s short edge. Position your rear foot such that your toes point towards the upper left corner of your mat. In this position, we square our hips and feet to the front edge of your mat, in contrast to the Triangle position, when our hips are more open. To fold your torso forward and then down, hinge at the hips. Relax your chest over your leg.
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