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What are yoga essentials: a checklist?

What are yoga essentials: a checklist?

So you signed up for yoga in castle hill and decided to give it a shot. You’ve set aside time for the yoga classes for kids, and made a commitment to take care of your health as well. But, with enrolling, there are a couple of essentials that you need to get prepared as well to make the most of the exercise.

Here’s the list to keep handy for those who are looking for a complete checklist of Yoga essentials –  

Comfortable yoga attire

This may seem self-evident, yet many people who are new to this practise are unsure about what to dress. But all you actually need is something that allows you to move freely, like flowing slacks and a supportive top—basically anything that will make you feel comfortable rather than self-conscious. Simultaneously, you’ll want to practise in clothes that stay put, since continuously adjusting your shirt or jeans and worrying about a wardrobe malfunction might take you out of the zone or “flow” of the experience.

Water bottle

Many studios sell bottled water, however this isn’t always the case. Smaller, crowd studios may not have the facilities to supply any water at all, with the exception of what comes out of the bathroom tap. If you care about the quality of your water and want to make sure it’s clean and filtered, bring your own disposable bottle and fill it up ahead of time. If you’re concerned that you didn’t drink enough water before your yoga session, you can always pick yourself a bottle of coconut water to replenish your electrolytes afterward.

Your own mat

Most studios supply mats as well, but there’s no assurance that one will be clean and ready to use—especially if you’re going to a packed, donation-based studio. If this is your first practise and you’re hesitant to invest in your own mat, simply arrive 15 minutes early in case you may hire a clean mat.

Yoga towel

If you’re prone to sweating profusely, pretty much any towel will suffice. Sweaty hands and feet can turn even the greasiest of mats into a slipping and sliding game. A little hand towel to wipe your brow, particularly if sweat begins to drip down your forehead and irritate your eyes.

Change of clothes

Bring a pair of fresh jeans or skirt with a pretty tunic-like top to keep up the freshness after the class. Yes, some studios have showers, however, you can’t always rely on it. Apply some perfume, or essential oils on your skin and flaunt that post-yoga glow!

Post-yoga snack

Nothing is worse than finishing a difficult workout and immediately feeling hungry, depending on what time of day you’ve set aside for yourself to practise. Bring a protein or granola snack with you, especially if you suffer from low blood sugar.

An open mind

Last but not least, and probably most importantly, keeping an open mind when undertaking this technique for the first time is key. We can be quick to evaluate the experience we’re having, other students in the room, and even the teacher if we don’t have an open mind. Remind yourself that all you truly need is the commitment to spend 60 minutes with yourself in breath and body, and it doesn’t matter if you can keep up with the class or understand Sanskrit. Yoga is all about using the breath to experience the feelings of the body. The end result is a deeper, more grounded, and present perspective, which is exactly what keeps us getting back for more post-yoga joy.

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