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Discover Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as We Do

Kids Yoga-Yogawithyogi

“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.” ~ Buddha

Yoga is almost a mainstream practice amongst adults to keep up with our busy lives. Yoga in Castle Hill is gaining popularity because it can nourish the physical as well as psychological well being. That said, apart from the adults, the practice of yoga can be beneficial for kids as well. The lifestyles of the school kids are no less busy than an adult. From school to extracurricular activities, and no rest even on the weekends, kids also need to relax and get relief from this competitive ecosystem.

The following are the benefits of yoga for kids-

· Helps you learn self acceptance

Apart from learning something new, kids can accept and cherish themselves as exactly how they are. It can be an incredibly valuable lesson for kids who will soon be exposed to a world that can throw yourself in self doubt.

· Improve memory and cognitive functions

Practicing yoga regularly through online yoga classes Sydney can help improve concentration over body and mind. They will learn to pay attention to the various movements in our bodies and understand how controlled breathing can coordinate with these movements. The practicing will help to translate into better cognitive functioning and also achieve improved focus which eventually can help in academic success.

· Encourages healthy habits

Any exercise program is basically about discipline. Apart from keeping the child physically active, yoga also teaches to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With daily or weekly practice of yoga kids will learn the art of self discipline and they will start eating healthy food and goto bed of time. Yoga will help to calm the mind and make the child learn the importance of routine.

·  Improves sleep

As your body and mind will be free from stress, children can have better sleep time. It is not the finances or just the presentation deadline that defines stress but kids today find it very challenging when they are constantly being compared against their siblings or friends. Practicing yoga can help to relieve tension and also reduce the negative emotions which hinder good sleep. A good sleep is a must for children’s growth and well being.
Because of regular practice of yoga, children will also be more focussed and energised. Parents will notice physical and cognitive changes in their children. They will improve flexibility, hand eye coordination, physical strength and power of concentration. This new found strength along with improved power of concentration will help then in their studies and sports.

· Learn to be calm

Young kids have a very active mind and they are full of energy. If not channeled properly this can lead to a behaviour where they may find themselves in trouble in school or at home. In my online yoga classes they will learn to channel their mind and energies in harmony with the environment they are in. They will get better at learning, and will excel in the field of their choice.

When they practice yoga regularly, children will be happier, engaged and productive. However, these little minds might crash if they fail to get proper guidance. Yoga is the right place where they can relax and also learn non-competitive techniques that will empower them to face the daily challenges, plus keep them happy without the toys and devices.

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