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9 Ways to Stay Consistent In Your Yoga Practice


Do you frequently begin practising yoga but stop after a few days or months? For those just beginning their yoga practise, this is a very normal occurrence: yoga might start out strong before taking a backseat to other obligations in life. Here are some practical advice for maintaining a regular yoga practise from the experts of yoga in castle hill

1. Set an intention
Consider your initial motivation for wanting to practise yoga if you’re having trouble maintaining consistency. Why should you do yoga? After practise, how do you want to feel? Perhaps you practise so that you can live a more thoughtful and peaceful existence or so that you can be more present and self-aware. Finding your intention is really crucial since it will give you the drive to continue practising.

2. Make your practice short and sweet
Keep in mind that even a little bit goes a long way; it’s not all or nothing. It’s not necessary to take an hour-long session every time; if you only have a few minutes, you can still participate. Burnout may result if you consistently push yourself to complete lengthier workouts. The most crucial thing is to pay attention to your body’s requirements and discover what they are.

3. Stick to a schedule
Schedule a certain period of time each day when you may focus solely on your practise. Everyone will find it challenging and unique because our lives and schedules are all unique. The best or worst time of day to practise is at any time. You should use a time that works for you- just keep it constant.

4. Find inspiration
There are numerous methods to get inspired. Finding a friend to hold you accountable is one strategy. a roommate, friend, or partner to keep you accountable and make sure you achieve your goal. You’re more likely to stick with a goal if you share it with someone. Additionally, you can snap pictures to monitor your development, verify alignment, and ensure that you’re training properly.

5. Set up a space
If you practise yoga at home, it might also be nice to set up a cosy and inviting area in your home. Make sure it’s large enough for practise and furnish it with your favourite throws and plants. Having a designated spot makes it easier to not have to worry about making more room.

6. Try a different style
It’s beneficial to diversify your yoga practise by engaging in a wide range of styles. Try yin or something slower-paced if you often practise vinyasa and power yoga to find a good balance. It’s important to explore new things because boredom can often lead to lack of motivation. Yoga can be practised in a variety of ways depending on how you’re feeling. Try something new if staying consistent is difficult for you.

7. Practice yoga off the mat
Yoga is more than just the asanas. It can be helpful to investigate the deeper philosophical underpinnings of yoga as the asanas are only one of the eight limbs of the yogic journey. Consider the fundamental principles of non-attachment, appreciation, and non-harming and apply them to your daily life. Yoga’s physical practises can aid in teaching you endurance, acceptance, and patience.

8. Set reminders
Set reminders of your goal around your house, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it if you do. Post it with objectives and reminders, yoga posters and photographs, and inspirational people to follow on social media. Place reminders where you will see them frequently. It will encourage you to continue by serving as a reminder of why you are doing this.

9. Reward yourself
The best method to maintain consistency is through positive reinforcement. Plan out prizes for yourself when you practise consistently. Make it something that will inspire you to work for it, like a spa day or a new yoga outfit.

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