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Don't Breathe to Survive Breathe to Thrive

Don't breathe to survive

Breathe to thrive

Master the art of mindful breathing - in our new class

Our breath serves as the strongest connection between our mind and body and corresponds to how we feel at any given time. For instance, someone focused and calm will typically breathe deeply from their abdomen and have a regular breathing pattern. In contrast, when we are angry, worried or agitated, we experience shallow breathing from the chest with an erratic breathing pattern.

Mindful (also called conscious or yogic) breathing is a powerful meditation technique. Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga as it assists us in connecting with the subtle energy within. When we exercise control over our breathing, we also exercise control over our thoughts and how we react to various situations in life. It is through the breath that we can navigate different levels of consciousness. Moreover, breathing consciously has a biological effect on our mental, emotional, and physical state.

This is why it is crucial and heavily emphasized in both yoga and meditation to practice becoming aware of our breath and honing our ability to focus using our breath. Mindful breathing techniques can help you stay present, control your thoughts and emotions, and promote calmness (both mentally and physically).

Welcome to the mindful breathing and meditation class

At Yoga With Yogi we are excited to introduce the much needed, though relatively unknown, course which trains you to harness the power of breath and experience body-mind harmony. Since conscious breathing is what causes the movement of energy and helps the body relax, our main goal is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate challenging mental narratives and distractions. When we breathe deeply, we can open ourselves to feel more emotion, as well as be more in tune with what’s happening in our bodies.


What you will learn

Conscious (or yogic) breathing is all about being aware of every breath we take. By making an automatic behavior deliberate, we begin to affect our neurological programming through a state of intentional awareness. This conscious breathing affects us biologically, emotionally and physically.

You will learn and practice mindful breathing techniques that will help you feel more energized. These deep breathing exercises are the perfect ways to increase your energy while exerting less effort and breathing less than usual. but in a calm, focused manner.

You will also learn to prevent common breathing issues such as diaphragm inhibition, and hyperventilating under stress, which can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your brain and your cells.

If you’re ready to practice the art of yogic breathing, just fill in the form below and send to us. Together, we’ll work to make conscious breathing part of your daily life.

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    I am Yogi Chauhan - a professionally qualified Yoga, Fitness and Martial Arts instructor with over 15 years experience of working with people from all walks of life.

    As a die-hard fitness freak, I live to stay healthy and share my knowledge and experience with everyone who connects with me. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people at all fitness levels, helping them achieve their health goals. There is a lot more to good health than just physical fitness, we also need to be at peace on the inside. Our classes at Yoga with Yogi have been carefully designed to provide the right balance of physical fitness and spiritual strength.

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