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10 Yoga Poses for Strong Balance and Healthy Feet

10 Yoga Poses for Strong Balance and Healthy Feet

Weak feet will certainly hamper your mobility, posture, and will also impact your overall health balance. In addition, your daily activities can also damage your feet. To overcome this damage, your feet need nourishment and strengthening. Yoga is the most powerful tool which will build strength, nourishment, and flexibility. These days many yoga experts and professional trainers are providing online yoga classes in Sydney and all over the world which will add firmness and flexibility to your feet.

Here, we are going to mention 10 yoga asanas which will improve mobility and balance to your feet.

1.      Mountain pose with toe lifts and curls (Tadasana)

This yoga posture will help you feel grounded from the bottom up. During this posture, you need to activate your feet in different ways. Hence this asana improves balance as well as awareness. This posture also helps you to understand how your feet are feeling and how overall balance is distributed.

2.      Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand-To-Big Toe Pose)

This is another imperative yoga asana which improves the strength of your legs and feet. This posture also stretches your thigh muscles. Thereby toning your legs and ankles, this asana improves your overall balance.

3.      Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Tree pose is the best yoga tool which improves the balance of your legs and strengthens them. This posture also rejuvenates your feet and builds ankle strength. This is an ideal yoga pose to cure flat feet. Moreover, this yoga step also helps you to overcome sciatica.

4.      Downward facing dog with heel raises (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Are you suffering from various painful feet issues? Then this position is the ultimate posture which will strengthen the foot and will help you to combat painful foot issues like plantar fasciitis. To practice this step, you need to come into downward dog and start walking the dog by lifting the heels up and down. This yoga exercise will stimulate and strengthen your foot muscles.

5.      Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)

This yoga posture calms and composes the mind and also, stretches the back, hamstrings, feet, and shoulders. If you can grab your feet with your hand, it is a great opportunity to enhance the strength of your feet and leg. This yoga posture will also minimize your foot pain and improve circulation.

6.      Vajrasana

Though this yoga posture is popular for meditation or breathing practice, this exercise will also help you to get relief from tired feet and also stretches your muscle. To practice this posture, you need to sit on your heels and gently curl your toes. Now, this will allow the sole of the foot to stretch. 

7.      Bounded Angle Pose with Foot Massage (Baddha Konasana)

This yoga asana stretches your hips and soothes your mind. If you can add a foot massage into the pose, then you will get immense benefits. Massaging the feet will improve blood circulation, relieves pain and also builds awareness of how the feet feel.

8.      Laghu Vajrasana (Little Thunderbolt Pose)

Laghu Vajrasana is a perfect way to tone your thighs and feet. This asana also improves digestion and posture. This posture strengthens your leg and backbends.

9.      Ardha Bhekasana (Half Frog Pose)

This yoga posture stretches your whole frontal body, thighs, feet and ankles. It improves your overall body posture and rejuvenates your knee and feet joints.

10.   Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

Though this is a simple pose, still it is the best asana for those who have problems in their feet. For this posture, you need to stand up and spread your feet wide from one another. Now turn your body to keep your arms horizontal to your feet. Then, flex your hip down to the side. Now, lift your other arm straight upwards and bend your head to look towards the raised arm. Take rest and repeat the posture with other side.

These are 10 most important asanas which will improve your balance and make your feet healthy and strong. There are many yoga centres or classes where you can learn all these steps with the help of professional experts. Yogawithyogi is an eminent yoga centre in Sydney which teaches online yoga classes in Sydney and its nearby areas. This centre is established by Mr Yogender Chauhan (yogi) who is a passionate yoga lover. The institute provides online yoga classes in Sydney for all age groups (from beginner to experts). The institute also conducts face to face and online weekly corporate yoga sessions and events for team building, stress management and fitness.

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