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Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as We Do

Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as We Do

Our kids grow up in a fast-paced environment filled with stressed-out parents, demanding teachers, endless lessons, video games, shopping malls, and competitive sports. Usually, we don’t consider these factors to be stressful for our children, although they frequently are. The hectic pace of our children’s lives can have a significant impact on their intrinsic joy—often not in a good way.

Yoga is a long-standing Indian tradition that dates back more than 3,000 years. The exact meaning of the word “yoga” is “to yoke” the mind, body, and spirit. Although there are many different styles of yoga, routines often centre on breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dyana), and physical postures (asanas). Yoga for kids online has become a popular choice for its has a number of health and mind benefits.

The experts of yoga in castle hill states the following advantages of yoga

  • increases stamina, strength, and flexibility
  • decreases tension and stress
  • enhances rest and concentration
  • ties self to spirituality

Benefits of yoga for young kids

Yoga is more than just a physical activity for young children. Children who practise yoga regularly can build abilities that will benefit them in adolescence and later in life.

Stress management: In addition to basic emotional control, yoga can teach children how to manage stress or worry. We frequently overlook stress management when it comes to young children, but acquiring this skill at a young age can benefit children who are stressed out at school, in social situations, or at home.

Body image and self-esteem: Since yoga is a practise, there is no pressure to be flawless. Kids can use this to practise making mistakes and celebrating modest successes. Young people can develop a positive body image and increase their self-esteem through this consistent practise.

Improves attention and memory: With young children spending more time in front of screens, it takes practise to build concentration and memory skills. Yoga improves concentration and focus, which can lead to increased focus, memory, and academic achievement.

Holistic wellness: Children can engage in physical activity in a number of entertaining and enjoyable ways, whether through free play, recreational sports, or group classes. These are all excellent activities for young children. Because of its holistic approach to balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility, yoga can be very helpful.

Benefits of yoga for teenagers

Children’s emotional and physical capacities and demands evolve as they grow older. Teenagers can benefit from yoga in a variety of ways to support their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Physical well-being: Teenagers are under a lot of pressure to appear a specific way. Teenagers who do yoga get more physically active without worrying about their appearance. Additionally, yoga provides teens with amazing advantages as they mature, like better posture, increased spinal health, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.

Stress management: Teenagers have a lot to juggle, including managing examinations and college applications, balancing extracurricular activities and homework, and navigating social settings. Teenagers who practise yoga can find time for themselves while building strong coping skills for anxiety and stress.

Better attention: Teenage brains aren’t built to spend eight hours a day in a classroom. Hormones, sports, extracurricular activities, friendships, and social media are just a few factors that might make it challenging for teenagers to concentrate. Teenagers who practise yoga may find it easier to maintain their attention throughout the day, increase their attention span, and centre their attention.

Confidence: Teens’ confidence might suffer as a result of puberty and peer pressure, which explains why so many teenagers struggle with having a positive self-image. Teenagers can practise self-love regularly through yoga, which can help them gain self-assurance and a good self-perception of their identities and bodies. Yoga exercises that concentrate on opening the solar plexus, or third chakra, are very useful for boosting self-confidence.

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