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The 7 Chakras for Beginners Explored: Free Your Energy Now

The 7 Chakras for Beginners Explored: Free Your Energy Now

You are so much more than your physical body, according to yoga. Life force runs through delicate energy pathways that make up the energetic body. Chakras are the sites where these energy routes come together at specific locations throughout the body. This strong energy should rather flow upward. You then experience the benefits associated with each chakra. The core energy channel has seven primary chakras, each of which is situated in a different location and is taught in yoga for beginners Sydney. We will explore all the 7 chakras in this article below

  1. Root chakra

Dormant life-force energy can freely flow upward through the seven chakras and into an expanded state of consciousness when the root chakra is activated. Enthusiasm represents the expanded consciousness at the root chakra. Since enthusiasm is the foundation of all life, it uplifts and enriches ours. Without passion, life will become monotonous, dull, and uninteresting. We experience inertia when energy descends from the crown chakra and reaches the root chakra. 

  1. Sacral Chakra

The element of water is associated with the sacral chakra. The bladder region’s sacral chakra is where the most water is found. Procreation, creative energy, and the sex urge are manifestations of the life-force energy that travels up to the second chakra, situated behind the genitals. You are more enthusiastic and creative when the energy is moving upward. You can further ignite this by expressing yourself creatively through writing, dancing, or other mediums.  

  1. Solar plexus chakra

The element of fire is associated with the solar plexus chakra. This area of the belly helps with digesting because of the digestive fire present. The same energy travels up to the navel area to the Manipura chakra, where it takes on four forms: generosity, joy, greed, and jealousy. The solar plexus chakra is home to these four types of consciousness. Here, the energy is shown as a flower with four petals, which stands for the four emotions.

  1. Heart chakra

The element of air is associated with the heart chakra. The body’s largest concentration of air is found in the lungs, specifically in the area of the chest surrounding the Anahata chakra. The energy rises from the navel area to the heart chakra and the upper chakras, where it takes on the shapes of hatred, love, and fear. These three emotions are symbolically symbolised by the energy of a three-petaled blossom in the heart chakra. 

  1. Throat chakra

The same energy might take on the shapes of appreciation or grief when it travels to the throat chakra. It chokes in your throat to be grieving. And when you’re really thankful, your throat gets stuck! Speaking may be challenging for both situations. These two feelings are symbolically symbolised by the energy of a two-petaled flower in the throat chakra. Thus, the throat chakra is a place of deep appreciation and sorrow.

  1. Third eye chakra

Light and the third eye chakra are related. Anger, awareness, or alertness are the manifestations of the Ajna chakra energy moving to the middle of the forehead. Here in the third eye chakra is where knowledge and awareness can be found. The seat of fury and the location of the enigmatic Third Eye are both thought to be at this same position. 

  1. Crown chakra

When the crown chakra is open, you feel more joy in life since it is linked to universal energy. A 1,000-petal lotus flower is used to symbolize the head chakra. Joy arises as energy ascends to the top of the skull. It is there that dualism, strife, and separation vanish. You experience complete unity and connectivity with everything. Join yoga classes Sydney to experience all these chakras

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