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Comfortable Prenatal Yoga Poses: 5 Asanas for Pregnant Women to Practice

Comfortable Prenatal Yoga Poses: 5 Asanas for Pregnant Women to Practice

The prenatal yoga classes help to initiate the serene and restorative workout practice for pregnant women that helps them maintain a healthy mental and physical state during the nine months. 

The experts of yoga castle hill have tailored poses that can be highly beneficial for the pregnant mothers. In fact, researches have also shown that prenatal yoga is categorized as a safe practice during the days of pregnancy as it offers a calming advantage for expectant mothers and their unborn child. It also gets your body ready for labor and improves the health of THE unborn child. 

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women 

reduces moments of tension and worry.

improves the quality of sleep.

reduces back discomfort and promotes deep breathing.

increases levels of endurance, flexibility, and spine strength

expands inner serenity and cultivates self-awareness.

Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

1. Cat/Cow Stretch (Chakravakasana)

Since back pain is a typical pregnant complaint, the Cat/Cow Pose is a great yoga pose to try during your pregnancy. 

Advantages of Cat/Cow Stretching While Expecting

The spine becomes flexible and is stretched during the Cat/Cow pose. Because the back must hold more weight during the later stages of pregnancy, this is beneficial.

One of the prenatal yoga positions that prepares the baby for birth is this one.

During childbirth, the Cat/Cow yoga pose is useful if you have “back labor.”

ensures that the reproductive organs are properly nourished by stimulating blood circulation.

Good to know:

Breathe in unison with each movement of the Cat/Cow exercise to get the most benefit.For example, as you inhale and extend your abdomen in the cow stance, when you exhale and contract your abdomen in the cow pose, you arch your back.

2. Downward Facing Dog Against a Wall (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This is a modified downward dog pose that is ideal for pregnant ladies to practice as yoga. You should place your hands on the wall rather than the yoga mat for this maternity yoga exercise. 

Advantages of Pregnancy Downward Dogs Against a Wall Pose:

reduces the strain in the shoulders and upper back.

releases the tension in our shoulders and upper back.

Using a wall allows you to keep your head up.

Heartburn sufferers can benefit from this approach as well.

Good to know: 

You should place your hands on the wall rather than the yoga mat for this maternity yoga exercise.

3. Bound Angle Pose or Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pose is one of the most pleasant yoga positions for pregnant women because it allows you to massage your calf and foot to improve circulation and relieve some of the tension brought on by the extra weight.

The advantages of bound angle pose for expectant mothers

Improve the way you sit.

Betters the deep breathing practice.

Increase your hip and groin range of motion and thus can helpin labour

stretches the knees and thighs to release stress.

gives you a boost of energy.

Good to know:

To become more comfortable, you can perform the Reclined Bound Angle Pose.

Towels or blankets can be placed lengthwise on the yoga mat.

4. Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall Pose)

Legs Up the Wall Pose’s advantages for pregnant women

Great for relieving back discomfort.

reduces or eliminates varicose veins and swelling ankles, which are frequent pregnancy symptoms.

increases the flow of blood to the pelvis.

allows you to unwind and feel at ease.

Good to know:

To truly feel the stress leave your body, place a pillow under your lower back and continue to relax until you feel as like your thinking has changed!

5. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) 

Triangle Pose is helpful during pregnancy because it maintains equilibrium both mentally and physically. Due to the fact that pregnant women’s centers of gravity change, this position should absolutely be included in yoga for pregnant women.

Triangle Pose’s advantages during pregnancy

opens the hips, which is a big help when laboring.

reduces back discomfort.

reduces tension and combats pessimistic ideas.

bolsters the spine and back.

promotes taking deep breaths.

avoids Constipation

Good to know:

As you get farther along in your pregnancy, holding Trikonasana may become more challenging because of low back or joint pain. In this situation, practice a modified triangle stance.

Place a chair in front of you on your yoga mat. Place your toes in line with the chair’s legs.

Instead of placing your shin on the chair’s seat now, place your front hand there.

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