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Apr 26, 2021 | Yoga Pose

7 Popular Prenatal Yoga Poses for Healthy Mind and Body

prenatal yoga poses

Pregnancy is one of the most fulfilling and beautiful times. While you will be under the care of doctor and midwives, it is also the responsibility of the mother to remain active during the nine months. The classes for yoga in Castle Hill have experts who can help you manage your active engagement and also recommend workouts which can be practiced easily at home. Yoga during the pregnancy cannot just help to make the delivery easier but also aid to get back to your regular physique quicker after the birth.

The prenatal yoga poses are one of the greatest activities even when you are practicing it occasionally. Apart from the physical benefits it helps to keep the mind relaxed and free of anxiety. Prenatal yoga has become a popular practice with the expectant moms because they can be custom made according to the body structure. Even if one has never done yoga ever before, this can be the time to start and you don’t even have to have any advanced yoga knowledge.

Here are the 7 yoga steps for you to practice

Standing side stretch

Standing side stretch

Stand in a mountain pose with the arms at your side. Spread your heels slightly and let the big toes touch each other. Raise your arms and draw an invisible arch with it stretching to your side as far as possible while pushing the heap in the opposite direction. Keep in this position for 30 to 60 seconds as the skill helps to reduce back pain and improve flexibility on the upper body and also reduce stiffness of shoulder.

Wild child pose

Wild child pose

Kneel down on yoga mat and let the heels touch the hips. Slowly bring your chest down to the ground and allow the forehead to touch the mat. You can extend your arms to rest your head on it. You can experience restorative effects immediately after practicing it for 3 to 5 minutes. It helps to relieve the pressure of the growing belly and also reduce the back pain while lowering the anxiety and stress.


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Bound Angle pose (butterfly)

Bound Angle pose

Sit on the yoga mat and stretch your legs straight in front of you. Bend the knees and get the heals as close as possible to the pelvis, then drop the knees sideways as far as they go, but do not force it. Relax the hips and the thighs. Keep the feet pressing against each other and try to pull the heals as much as possible. Keeping it in 1 to 5 minutes regularly can help to ease childbirth, reduce knee pain and decrease the overall fatigue.

The cat-cow pose


This is definitely one of the easiest positions for prenatal yoga and is popular during the later trimesters when your belly has got heavy. Get on all four of your toes and straighten the shoulders. Lower your belly downwards and raise the posterior and lift your head. Hold it for a few seconds and maintain a rhythmic inhale and exhale. Raise your back upward and lower your head so that you can take your belly inwards. Alternate between these two poses and you will find relief from your back and shoulder pain.

Yoga squat

Sit on the floor and spread your legs in front and the knees upward with one at a time and bring the foot as close to the back as possible and then slightly widen the distance between them. This can be stressful at times so make sure that you do not force yourself. It helps to widen the pelvis and make childbirth easy.

Easy pose

You have to sit on the yoga mat and cross the shins, and the soles of your feet should face outwards. This way you can form a triangle with the crossed shin and lay your hands on the knees with the palm upward. You can hold on to this pose for as long as possible because this is a meditation pose and helps to relax your mind.

Corpse pose

Corpse pose

Savasana is performed by lying down on your back on the yoga mat. You can use a pillow on the head and one on knees and lie down and relax and hold in that pose for 3 to 5 minutes. It is an incredibly relaxing force and is also meditative in nature.



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